Team Hungry Planet®

Todd Boyman
Co-founder + CEO

Favorite recipe: Deep-fried Hungry Planet Chicken™ Sandwich that goes beyond finger lickin’ good!

“We are figuring out how to deliciously meet the needs of our global human family, our planet, and all those who share it with us, through a framework of abundance found in renewal and regeneration.”

Jody Boyman
Co-founder + Chief Purpose Officer

Favorite recipe: Anything I can prepare with Hungry Planet Sausage™ in under 20 mins!

“It’s fun to punk my flexitarian friends with plant-based comfort foods like lasagne and pizza. I inevitably hear, ‘NO WAAAY!’.”

Brad Johnson
Chief Commercial Officer

Favorite recipe: My Grandmother’s “Football Casserole” made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage™.

“I’ve served Hungry Planet Beef™ burgers to my uncle five times and still have not told him it’s plant-based.”

Ron DeSantis
Chief Culinary Officer

Favorite recipe: Hungry Planet spicy Lamb™ and lentils.

“Always on the lookout for meatballs as good as Mom’s.”

Aaron Grimm

Favorite recipe: Hungry Planet Pork™ BBQ Sandwich, Hungry Planet Crab Cakes™, Hungry Planet Italian Sausage™ meatballs, I could go on and on!

“Hungry Planet® has helped me find what I have been looking for…food that tastes amazing and delivers lots of protein without the calories…my dream come true!”

Michael Zee
Chief Legal Officer + SVP Int’l

Favorite recipe: Singaporean Chili Crab Slider made with Hungry Planet Crab™.

“I really love bringing our food to all the food cultures of the world. The possibilities are endless.”

Freddie Holland
Executive Chef + Culinary R&D

Favorite recipe: My mom’s stuffed cabbage rolls.

“The first recipe I made with Hungry Planet® was my Mom’s stuffed cabbage rolls, made with our premium plant-based beef. When I served them to my Father he said, ‘just like your Mother’s’. He had no idea they were completely plant-based.”

Jeff Pascoe
VP of Foodservice Sales

Favorite recipe: Chorizo tacos with Hungry Planet Chorizo™, fresh salsa and condiments on a low carb soft tortilla.

“Hungry Planet® meats allow your recipes to jump to a new level of flexibility!”

Janine Vandiver
Director, E-Commerce

Favorite recipe: Chef Freddie’s BBQ pork and Chef Ron’s beef satay with peanut sauce. I can’t choose just one!

“I’ve always loved being in the kitchen and hosting gatherings with family and friends. We’re a family of flexitarians, vegetarians, and overall foodies, so it’s fun to have a way to appeal to everyone. Try a recipe swap during your next get together and see if anyone notices! It’s fun!”

Natalie Cooper
Marketing Activation Manager

Favorite recipe: Freddie’s BBQ pulled pork sandwich for sure! I could eat that every day for the rest of my life.

“Find me at any St. Louis food event or restaurant that serves Hungry Planet®!”

Dale Nunley
Supply Chain Specialist

Favorite recipe: Hungry Planet Southwest Chicken Patty™ tacos.

“I eat because I’m happy and I’m happy because I eat.”

Kathy Holt
Senior Advisor

Favorite recipe: My homemade lasagna with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage™ – Mangia!!

“Our dinner group enjoyed an entire five course meal featuring Hungry Planet® meats in every course. They demanded another round the following month!”

David Bucca
Australia Advisor

Favorite recipe: Hungry Planet Italian Sausage™ ragu was my favourite until I tried our new lamb in a kofta… Blew me away!

“Now my mum has no excuse for recreating her famous Italian recipes in plant-based versions, in fact now she prefers it!”

Sally Ruhl
Ambassador Chef

Favorite recipe: Buffalo chicken wrap with Hungry Planet Chicken™. Sushi with Hungry Planet Crab™, Chili with Hungry Planet Beef™. I could go on and on!

“I made chili for some private cheffing clients over the holidays, and nobody even knew the difference. Once the guests were informed, one woman said ‘I’m so happily surprised, and my New Years Resolution is now to eat less meat!’.”

Hon Mun Yip
Singapore Director

Favorite recipe: Sweet chili fried chicken & Cantonese wan ton soup, using Hungry Planet Chicken™.

“My friends and family stopped asking these days if the home cooked food I served is plant-based or not. They just love that it tastes great!”

Anita Kippenberger

Favorite recipe: Asian lettuce wraps with Hungry Planet Chicken™

“I love showing up at a family gathering with a dish I’ve made using Hungry Planet® Meats and getting the response ‘Really, there’s no meat in this!’”

Hamsika Gorty
E-Commerce Specialist

Favorite recipe: Hungry Planet Beef™ Burger Patties with creamy French sauce.

“My friends talk about moving to Mars, but I know the only planet I want to be on is Hungry Planet.”

Darren Collier
Design Manager

Favorite recipe: The gyoza is fantastic! I also love a cheeseburger with Hungry Planet Beef™.

“Very simply, it’s food that you feel good about.”

Joy Baldassare
Customer Delight Specialist

Favorite recipe: Hungry Planet Italian Sausage with rigatoni and marinara.

“That moment when you share a Hungry Planet plant based meat with friends and family…and they like it better than it’s counterpart of animal protein. Priceless. That’s a win for the world!”

Kiersten Cole
Quality & Food Science Manager

Favorite product: hands down the gyoza

“I quickly learned how versatile Hungry Planet meats are. Adding Hungry Planet into any dish couldn’t be any easier!”