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78% Less Fat

41% Fewer Calories

22g Protein

6g Fiber

*Hungry Planet Ground Beef compared to leading plant-based ground.


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Life-cycle assessment results

CleanMetrics used standards-based life-cycle assessments (LCAs) to evaluate eight product SKUs offered by Hungry Planet. The results showed that substituting Hungry Planet® meats for conventional meats could yield significant savings in cradle-to-gate GHG emissions, water use and land use:

  • Hungry Planet® meats generate 42 to 89% lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional meats. 
  • Hungry Planet® meats consume 62 to 91% less blue and grey water than conventional meats. 
  • Hungry Planet® meats require 52 to 79% less agricultural land than conventional meats.

Our company was born from our mission.

It’s what pushes us further every day. We’ve already helped provide over one million plant-based meals to underserved communities. Through all of our collective efforts, together, we are a force for change.

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