Team Hungry Planet®

Todd Boyman
Co-founder + CEO

Favorite recipe: Crispy Hungry Planet Chicken™ Sandwich that goes beyond finger lickin’ good!

“We are figuring out how to deliciously meet the needs of our global human family, our planet, and all those who share it with us, through a framework of abundance found in renewal and regeneration.”

Jody Boyman
Co-founder + Chief Purpose Officer

Favorite recipe: Anything I can prepare with Hungry Planet Sausage™ in under 20 mins!

“It’s fun to punk my flexitarian friends with plant-based comfort foods like lasagne and pizza. I inevitably hear, ‘NO WAAAY!’.”

Brad Johnson
Chief Commercial Officer

Favorite recipe: Chef Tai’s French Onion Soup with Hungry Planet Chicken™ Marsala Meatball.

“I’ve served Hungry Planet Beef™ burgers to my uncle five times and still have not told him it’s plant-based.”

Ron DeSantis
Chief Culinary Officer

Favorite recipe: Hungry Planet spicy Lamb™ and lentils.

“Always on the lookout for meatballs as good as Mom’s.”

Aaron Grimm

Favorite recipe: Hungry Planet Pork™ BBQ Sandwich, Hungry Planet Crab Cakes™, Hungry Planet Italian Sausage™ meatballs, I could go on and on!

“Hungry Planet® has helped me find what I have been looking for…food that tastes amazing and delivers lots of protein without the calories…my dream come true!”

Andy Potts
Design Manager

Favorite Recipe: Chicken Parmesan Sandwich with Hungry Planet Chicken™ Crispy & Fried

“I love that our meats support healthy lifestyles.”

Anita Kippenberger

Favorite recipe: Asian lettuce wraps with Hungry Planet Chicken™

“I love showing up at a family gathering with a dish I’ve made using Hungry Planet® Meats and getting the response ‘Really, there’s no meat in this!’”

Caitlin Nowicki
Director of Financial Accounting

Favorite Recipe: Chilaquiles Verdes with Hungry Planet Chorizo™

I’m thrilled to be part of a talented team focused on driving nutrition and planetary health by offering healthier, more sustainable foods. The fact that my kids give Hungry Planet® plant-based meat two thumbs up is an added bonus.

Claire Warhover
Brand Designer

Favorite Recipe: Hungry Planet Beef™ Crunch Wrap Supreme

“I love designing for a company that puts sustainability at the forefront and values building a better planet for our future. I’m so grateful to be a member of the Hungry Planet team!”

Eric Sowers
Director of Supply Chain Finance

Favorite Recipe: Hungry Planet Crumble Calamarata Red Pepper Pasta
“It is exciting to be part of a great team trying to make the world a little better through great tasting food. The level of passion within Hungry Planet is awesome to be around.”

Freddie Holland
Executive Chef + Culinary R&D

Favorite recipe: My mom’s stuffed cabbage rolls with Hungry Planet Beef™.

“The first recipe I made with Hungry Planet® was my Mom’s stuffed cabbage rolls, made with our premium plant-based beef. When I served them to my Father he said, ‘just like your Mother’s’. He had no idea they were completely plant-based.”

Freeman Moser III
Director of Culinary R&D

Favorite Recipe: The one that I am creating….

“When I tell my children about my work they can tell how excited I am and are proud of what I’m doing.”

Gracie Paul
Marketing Intern

Favorite Recipe: Buffalo Mac & Cheese

“Excited to be working for a company that practices living sustainably through its eco-friendly products”

Janine Vandiver
Director, E-Commerce

Favorite recipe: Chef Freddie’s Hungry Planet BBQ Pork™ and Chef Ron’s Hungry Planet Beef™ satay with peanut sauce. I can’t choose just one!

“I’ve always loved being in the kitchen and hosting gatherings with family and friends. We’re a family of flexitarians, vegetarians, and overall foodies, so it’s fun to have a way to appeal to everyone. Try a recipe swap during your next get together and see if anyone notices! It’s fun!”

Jeff Pascoe
VP of Foodservice Sales

Favorite recipe: Chorizo tacos with Hungry Planet Chorizo™, fresh salsa and condiments on a low carb soft tortilla.

“Hungry Planet® meats allow your recipes to jump to a new level of flexibility!”

Jon Genthe
Supply Chain Specialist

Favorite Recipe: Crispy Chicken Parm, made with Hungry Planet™ Chicken Crispy and Fried.

“It’s very gratifying to be part of a growing company that values hard work and is passionate about sustainability.  I’m proud to be on a team that cares about our food system and the long-term health of our planet.”

Kathy Holt
Senior Advisor

Favorite recipe: My homemade lasagna with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage™ – Mangia!!

“Our dinner group enjoyed an entire five course meal featuring Hungry Planet® meats in every course. They demanded another round the following month!”

Kevin Nelson
Senior Quality & Food Safety Technologist

Favorite Recipe: Creamy Beef Mac & Cheese with Hungry Planet Beef™

“It’s great to be a part of a team where our overall mission and goal is so simple yet so challenging at the same time. The people here at Hungry Planet are amazing and I’m happy that we get to work together to bring some of the most delicious plant-based foods to our consumers every day.”

Lara Sherrill
Senior Staff Accountant

Favorite Recipe: Southwest Tortilla Soup with Hungry Planet Chickena™

“I’m excited to be a part of a team that is helping make changes for the good of our planet.”

Lisa Schneider
Customer Service Manager

Favorite recipe: The versatility of Hungry Planet Beef and Italian Sausage Crumble make them hands-down favorites in my household.

“Incorporating Hungry Planet into our weekly meal plan has been an incredibly easy and delicious way to reduce our overall meat consumption. Good for us and good for the planet.”

Paul Spinale
Senior Director of Field Sales

Favorite Recipe: Hungry Planet Crab Cakes, Gyoza, and Crispy & Fried Chicken.”

“I love that I can fool my family with our products and they do not realize it is plant-based.”

Rebecca Lairson
Director of Marketing Communications

Favorite Recipe: Hungry Planet Thai Meatballs™ with veggie fried rice

“Our food is delicious, healthy, and sustainable, but what makes it really special is the people who love it.”

Rod Masters
VP of Retail Sales

Favorite Recipe: Baked Penne Bolognese made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage™

“I am proud to be part of the Hungry Planet® team providing great tasting and nutrition laden plant-based meats, in a wide range of delicious foods that help us all eat healthier, while benefiting our planet one meal at a time.”

Sally Ruhl
Ambassador Chef

Favorite recipe: Buffalo chicken wrap with Hungry Planet Chicken™. Sushi with Hungry Planet Crab™, Chili with Hungry Planet Beef™. I could go on and on!

“I made chili for some private cheffing clients over the holidays, and nobody even knew the difference. Once the guests were informed, one woman said ‘I’m so happily surprised, and my New Years Resolution is now to eat less meat!”

Stephanie Bosch
Ambassador Chef

Favorite Recipe: Pasta Alfredo Hungry Planet Italian Sausage™ and  Coq au Vin using Hungry Planet Chicken™ Plant-Based Ground.

“As a vegan chef and foodie, I use Hungry Planet® planet-based meats to make all of my favorite meat-based recipes and don’t skip a beat!”

Tai Davis
Ambassador Chef

Favorite Recipe: Sichuan Tingling Noodles made with Hungry Planet Lamb™.

“I am so happy to be part of such a mission driven company focused on better nutrition, delicious food and bettering our planet. And, feel grateful to have the privilege of working with so many dynamic individuals everyday on the Hungry Planet® team.”