The Spicy Crab Cake Sandwich

Sink your teeth into this spicy and savory addition!

Available at all Veggie Grill locations, this plant-based sandwich is stacked and packed with protein, fiber, and all the flavor you love.

Crispy crab cake, house-made coleslaw, sliced tomato, Cajun devil sauce, toasted brioche bun.

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Hungry Planet Crab️ Crab cakes

Made with chef-crafted plant-based meat that matches the delectable taste and texture of conventional crab. Chef-crafted to be delicious and healthful, our Hungry Planet Crab Crab Cakes are sure to delight seafood lovers and vegans alike.


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“Our Spicy Crabcake Sandwich goes beyond your basic fish sticks, showcasing Hungry Planet Crabcakes with our take on a classic American favorite and touting bold and beloved flavors from our house-made coleslaw to our Bayou-inspired Cajun Devil Sauce.”

– Executive Chef & VP of Culinary, Kajsa Alger