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Our planet is ABUNDANT,
but not without limit.

We believe if we take care of our world, it will take care of us. While food is the most basic human requirement, we owe it to ourselves, and our community, to eat more sustainably. Our daily food choices are a vote for a world we want to inhabit, and future generations will inherit.

Join Hungry Planet® as we work to transform our food system to be healthier, more sustainable and just.

A simple DELICIOUS switch.

We make delicious food that just happens to be plant-based. Developed to delight the demanding tastes of meat lovers and chefs, our 100% plant-based meats satisfy omnivores, carnivores, flexitarians, vegetarians, and vegans alike. It’s just a simple switch, not a sacrifice.

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Eating plant-based provides a world of abundant options. After a decade of culinary R&D, we developed the most comprehensive range of plant-based meats. Our expert chefs perfected Hungry Planet Chicken, Beef, Pork, Italian Sausage, Chorizo, and Crab, with additional craveable proteins launching soon. Enjoy any recipe, any cuisine – without compromise.

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Our broken food system has resulted in deteriorating human and planetary health. To combat this immediate and existential threat, we choose healthful ingredients that use fewer resources from planet to production, and that are packed with protein and fiber, with fewer calories and less fat than conventional meat and other plant-based meat options.

Health & Nutrition
Our Hope

How a SIMPLE SWITCH to Hungry Planet® can help heal our planet.

Eating more plant-based meals provides an elegant solution to many of the world’s most pressing problems. Join us on our journey to inspire community, both local and global, that will nourish our growing human family while supporting our health, our planet, and all who share it with us. Together, our small changes will make a big difference!

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“The burger is DELICIOUS and has developed quite a loyal following. Many of our regular vegan, vegetarian and plant-curious customers drive out of their way to have the Shoreline Burger, featuring the Hungry Planet® patty.”

Chris Chiarappa

Mesa Burger

“Because it has the same NATURAL FLAVOR PROFILE as conventional meat, I can create dishes ranging from smoked shredded chicken tacos to stuffed burgers to meatballs, and Hungry Planet® easily takes on whatever flavor profiles I want to add.”

Jason Wyrick

World-Renowned Vegan Chef, NYT Bestselling Author

“Shortly after hearing about the Hungry Planet® range of PREMIUM PLANT-BASED MEATS, I ordered samples and quickly understood how easily they can be swapped out as a ONE FOR ONE SUBSTITUTION for conventional meat in a wide variety of dishes.”

Chef Josef Jungwirth

Corporate Executive Chef, Sandals Resorts International

“We discovered Hungry Planet® out of our desire to include plant-based alternatives to our signature offerings. The rule was that WE COULDN’T COMPROMISE ON TASTE AND TEXTURE. We managed to craft an outstanding vegan version of our Bolognese sauce, thanks to the versatility of Hungry Planet®.”

Craig Susser

Founder & Owner, Craig’s

“I’m personal chef to (one of) the top PGA golfers in the world, I feed him EXTREMELY HEALTHY OPTIONS and wanted to introduce Hungry Planet® to his diet. He didn’t even know I was feeding him plant-based protein – when I told him, he found it hard to believe.”

Chef Michael Parks

Private Chef to PGA golfers


By chefs, for chefs.

Our professional chefs have made it easy to include more sustainable options on any menu. Tasty, simple to prepare, and versatile, our plant-based meats are unmatched. We love collaborating with chefs to create delicious dishes across global cuisines.

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