Chefs Prefer This Plant-Based Meat Over Others In Healthy Recipes

Chefs know delicious food and chefs prefer this one plant-based meat over all others. Hungry Planet has cracked the code on truly delicious and demonstrably nutritious plant-based meats. How? Unlike other plant-based proteins created in a lab, chefs crafted Hungry Planet Plant-Based meats to be just as scrumptious, if not more, than conventional meat.


Why Chefs Love Plant-Based Meats 

Making the change to a plant-based diet can seem as though it would be overwhelming. When deciding what to feed your body, animal foods, or plant foods, there’s a lot to consider. While we don’t guarantee weight loss or a risk of heart disease, there are many health benefits of eating a plant-based diet. These are some of the many reasons chefs love using Hungry Planet in their nutritious recipes.


Chefs Appreciate Simple Dishes

Hungry Planet plant-based meats makes it easier than ever to cook favorite recipes because our meats are a 1:1 swap for conventional meat. Chefs love using our meat alternatives because they are a simple, delicious choice that can feed everyone at the table.


1:1 Swap to Plant-Based Meat

What does a 1:1 swap mean? It means that you can feed your meat-loving relatives Hungry Planet Plant-Based meats at your next gathering and no one will know the difference. Chefs enjoy using our plant-based proteins over others when pairing them with a variety of vegetables and whole grains,or cooking them by themselves.


Occasions Chefs Use Hungry Planet

Chefs love Hungry Planet because it provides them with the confidence that they can please everyone from flexitarian to carnivore, from vegetarian to vegan, all gathered around the same table. From the biggest celebrations of the year such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, to a small, intimate gathering, chefs know they will never be disappointed with Hungry Planet.


What’s a Certified Master Chef?

Certified Master Chefs are rock stars. Did you know there are only 62 Certified Master Chefs in the country? Each is required to pass an 8 day examination, which is not quick and easy and takes decades of training and experience. That’s why we are so proud to have one of the best Certified Master Chefs on our Hungry Planet team.


Who is Hungry Planet’s Master Chef On Staff

Chef Ron DeSantis has a long list of accomplishments behind his name. He headed up Yale Dining for several years. This is why we partnered with him to develop our plant-based meats. We don’t develop our meat alternatives in a science lab like many of our competitors; we prioritize taste and nutrition. With the help of Master Chef Ron, we have developed Master Chef’s favorite plant-based meat alternative.


Chefs Know Delicious Food

We all know you can’t be a chef without expanding outside of your comfort zone and tasting new things. This is why we know that our meat is as good as our claims. Chefs know good food. They travel the world studying, eating, and creating some of the most delicious dishes, and ultimately choose Hungry Planet plant-based meats over the competition.


How Chefs Cook Hungry Planet 

It’s not uncommon for us to receive compliments on the taste of our plant-based meats. In fact, it’s one of the things we are most proud of at Hungry Planet. This is because with the help of our Master Chef, we crafted meat to taste, look, and cook exactly like conventional lean meat.


Chef Preparation Methods

Our meat alternatives are simple and easy to make. They are prepared just like natural meat and can be seasoned to make the taste of any recipe your heart desires. For example, you can throw our plant-based chicken strips into a pan with olive oil and cook them exactly like you would conventional chicken strips. This makes turning a seemingly complicated dinner recipe into an easy meal for your family.


Ways To Seamlessly Incorporate Chef-Crafted, Plant-Based Meat

Plant-based eating can be complicated but there are literally endless ways to prepare plant-based meats. Whether you’re flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan, enjoy side dishes over grain bowls, or love to try complicated Mediterranean diet recipes, use your creativity when incorporating plant foods into your diet. To make things easier during your transition to a plant-based diet, we developed hundreds of recipes for you to use on our Hungry Planet website.


How Our Chefs Use Hungry Planet In Recipes

Chef Ron and his team of chefs have created over 100 recipes featuring our delicious, nutritious plant-based protein. Ranging from comfort food classics, to out-of-the-box healthy recipes, our chefs have thought of it all. Some of our favorites are our Bacon Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese, Italian Sausage Stuffed Pepper and Kung Pao Crab Noodles, to name a few.


How Chefs Incorporate Hungry Planet in Restaurants

Chefs don’t just use Hungry Planet plant-based meats in small dining situations. Our plant-based proteins have the quality and taste to be served in some of the finest dining establishments in the world. Many of the recipes on our website can be easily converted to larger servings sizes, which adds to the benefits Hungry Planet offers chefs.


International Chefs Choose Hungry Planet 

To be a Master Chef means you have mastered cooking all different international cuisines. From classic American dishes to complex and flavorful Indian dishes, international chefs love using Hungry Planet to make their most popular dishes. Since all of our meat alternatives are a simple 1:1 swap, it’s incredibly easy to season the plant-based meat to match any cuisine.


International Healthy Recipes Made With Hungry Planet 

Chef Ron and his team of accomplished chefs work daily to make healthy, flavorful meals from all over the world. From making our Chinese Dumpling Soup on a cold day and our Tuscan Meatballs and Spaghetti for Sunday dinner for a large gathering, there is no stopping the creativity of chefs preparing tasty, culturally diverse dishes featuring Hungry Planet.